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 Surrender Form 

Completion of this form does not guarantee Mutts & More will accept your pet into rescue.


By signing this form, I state that I am the owner of the animal that is the subject of this surrender form. To my knowledge, no other person has any right to this animal. 


I agree and understand that I am giving up all rights of possession and ownership of

and that I will not be able to redeem said animal at any time, nor will I be allowed to know the animal’s whereabouts. I agree and understand that said animal is now "sole property" of Mutts and More Inc. I attest that the information that I am giving is accurate and that Mutts and More Inc. will not be held liable or chargeable for any false information or any misrepresentations that I have submitted on this form. I further agree and understand that Mutts and More Inc. will evaluate this animal to determine whether or not the animal being surrendered will be considered "adoptable". The rescuers cannot guarantee placement. I also sign this give up agreement honestly and state truthfully that this animal has never bitten any human being.

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